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The web hosting (web hosting) unlimited is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web.

It is an analogy of "lodging or accommodation in hotels or rooms" where one occupies a specific place, in this case the analogy web hosting or web hosting, refers to the place that occupies a website, website, system, email , Files etc. On the internet or more specifically on a server that usually hosts several applications or web pages.

The companies that provide space from a server to its clients are usually called with the English term web host or Hosting. Godaddy.

It can be defined as "a place for your web page or emails", although this definition simplifies in a conceptual way the fact that the web hosting is actually Internet space for virtually any type of information, be it files, systems, emails , Videos etc. In order for a HOSTING to use the web access functions by browser and e-mails, it must have associated with a DOMAIN.

Free Hosting

Free web hosting, apart from file hosting, usually includes the most important features: FTP access, email and support for PHP applications. In order for the domain to be free, they also offer a free subdomain of the provider.

That is, for example, the free hosting provider x10hosting.com assigns subdomains of "x10.mx", so that for a user "pepito", the domain of the user's server would be "pepito.x10.mx". Advantage:

Interesting to try and learn. It allows you to maintain a development environment for a real environment at zero cost.


Free options usually have very small processing capacity, low memory, severe resource limitations such as disk space or monthly transfer Very low quality service level (many drops and maintenance stops). And it is normal, they are not intended to be options for real webs, but shared webhosting (the modality explained below) very "covered" as claims to hire a hosting payment with the provider in question. For the above reasons, they are not a valid option for a real project.

In short, I recommend that you do not use the free hosting for a serious project, although it can serve to create webs of development in which you just want to try things.

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